Survical Plus

Be prepared for ice storms, snowstorms, hurricanes, twisters and earthquakes with Survival Plus survival kits. Our survival kits contain the basics you would need to survive any natural or man-made disaster. They will cover all your essential needs until all essential services are up and running again.

The Red Cross recommends that all families and businesses have an emergency preparedness kit available at all times. These kits should also be easy to carry in the event that there is an emergency or an evacuation.

The time to begin planning for any disaster or emergency is now. You want to get the essentials you would need while you still have options and services are still running. Grocery stores, pharmacies and supplies stores will be emptied once the local news reveals a state of emergency. You do not want to be the one struggling over that last bottle of water in the store.

Browse through our website to find the kit that fits your needs. Most kits include first aid kits, life jackets, compasses, lanterns, and more. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 1 (866) 794-0891.